The typical running order of a one-day General Mayflower Pilgrim Tour is as follows, although each tour is tailored to the particular Mayflower interest of the participants:

First stop is picturesque Babworth Church – this is where the story of our Nottinghamshire separatists began with the charismatic preacher Richard Clifton.  At Babworth the scene is set for explaining how this movement came to be during the closing years of the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Also here we learn what the Great North Road was once like with its ‘Posts’ and their significance.

Second stop is the village of Scrooby and home of leading Pilgrim Father William Brewster. Who was he? What was his role in this movement and how but for a twist of fate this story almost did not happen. And why was this plucky group faced escaping from their own country?

Third stop is a privileged visit to the grounds of Scrooby Manor where the Brewster family once lived and the Separatist Congregation gathered in secret during the reign of King James.

Break for lunch.

Austerfield and the story of William Bradford. Who was he? What was his role in this story? And the Great escape…

Gainsborough Old Hall. How did the fascinating Hickman family fit into this story? Why they allowed an illegal Separatist congregation to meet there. How the Old Hall can also unlock the mystery of what the Palace of Scrooby Manor once looked like?

Timings will depend on the start time of  each individual tour although to fit everything in a start time of no later than 9.30 is recommended and ending around 4.30- 5 pm.

My expert guiding fee for this unique day is a modest £150 (for a family of 4) plus £10 per person thereafter. (Large group rates are available on request). Commercial daily rates for your operators start at £250.

This fee does not include transport as I am primarily a ‘sit in’ or ‘step on’ guide for larger parties. However I am happy to drive small parties of visitors coming up from London by train to Retford Rail Station in my own vehicle at no extra cost and at their own risk as my private guest.

Payments are accepted in sterling – sorry no cheques or debit/credit cards – on the day or by PayPal.

Fees do not include entrance to Gainsborough Old Hall (around £7 per person) or the customary small gratuity that every visitor is expected to leave at each church for its unlocking and upkeep.

Please note that tours normally only run on weekdays.

For those interested in their Mayflower family history, there are other sites around the Mayflower Trail of genealogical interest.

For Bradfords, why not visit Tickhill near Doncaster, where our Pilgrim’s great-grandfather, Robert, once lived and farmed, and Arksey where this Bradford family strand originated.

For Brewsters, Hatfield Church  is where our Pilgrim’s mother, Mary Smyth, and her family were baptized, married and some are buried.

Carlron-in-Lindrick was home to Susanna (Jackson) White-Winslow family and Braithwell to her father’s Jackson family.

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​Arksey Parish Church


Mill Dam, Tickhill,

​Near Bawtry.

Making history live!